Lettre de démission de Madame Marie Yvrose Celestin à LHADAN

Orange New Jersey, USA

March 19, 2023

To : Ernst Vilsaint
Lhadan members
Haitians at home and abroad

This letter is to inform you that effective immediately, I, Mme MARIE YVROSE CELESTIN, have resigned as Secretary of the Executive Board of LHADAN (the League of Haitian American Diaspora Alliance Network). The organization I represent, HAWA, has also stopped its membership in LHADAN, as of today.

Since its last elections in August 2022, called by Sabine Philippe, and during which a new coordinator was elected, LHADAN has lost its patriotic momentum, and the focus of the organization changed to becoming more of a gossip mill, dividing people, and advancing personal political agendas unrelated to the cause of Haïti we intended by this movement.

I am saddened to see that such great efforts have been in vain. For all of those who were hopeful and whom I invited to join me in this cause, I apologize deeply for the unfortunate experience you had, which I would never have anticipated to end so negatively, given all the great things which were achieved under Sabine’s leadership.

In closing, I want to express an infinite gratitude to Sabine Philippe for her courage, her efforts, her sacrifices, her high level connections to bring about such a great movement in the US, the second successful one ever in the Haitian diaspora after Wilson Désir’s Brooklyn Bridge march in New York (everyone said it, and was astonished by what she did). Moreover, she had allowed many of us to go places where we would have never been able to go, and if it was not for Sabine, to places which we would never enter or have access to in our entire lifetime. Despite the fake and unfair denigrating campaigns which some LHADAN members launched against her, mainly fueled by jealousy and envy, she did not backdown and revealed to all that she is a great warrior, with courage, just like a fearless soldier! Even way before the May 18, 2021 DC march, I begged you guys to stop listening to HATERS who were spreading rumors to destroy our movement. By the way, those haters are, as we speak, trying to contact her to ask her for forgiveness about their lies and behaviors.

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Sabine Philippe, thank you for your help in creating LHADAN and carrying it by yourself all along until you sadly called for elections last year. No one can and will never be able to do what you did, and ALONE! History will remember what you did for Haïti, and all your sacrifices and great talents, values and rigid integrity. You would not compromise your beliefs, no matter what. I will always remember when people came to corrupt us, and your favorite words were « nope, mwen pa nan tenten konsa. » It was a great pleasure serving in LHADAN along your side. Thank you!


Marie Yvrose Celestin

cc : State of Maryland
MD Department of
Assessments and Taxation

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